Trustforte assists companies, universities, government agencies, and other employers to verify the academic and professional credentials of potential new employees. Our research staff, human resources personnel, and attorneys provide extensive, reliable background screening services through research, analyzing public records, and conducting personal interviews. All information obtained by Trustforte’s research professionals is double-checked and verified to ensure the quality and accuracy of our background checks.

Trustforte specializes in international corporate background checks and employee investigations. By relying on our strong international contacts, as well as the multi-lingual translation and interpreting resources of our affiliate, Trustforte Language Services, we can quickly and accurately verify the backgrounds of candidates in more than 200 languages across the entire globe. Our multilingual staff conducts interviews and provides reports in any language you may require.

Trustforte’s research staff works with our educational professionals to provide accurate verifications and assessments of the foreign academic credentials of job applicants. Trustforte’s educational authentications allow employers to confirm that candidates have completed university programs and to compare the credentials of foreign applicants against the academic credentials of other candidates from schools in the US or internationally. Our final reports include a detailed summary of the candidate’s educational history, an analysis of the academic programs completed by the candidate, and a final assessment of the equivalence of the applicant’s credentials in terms of US educational standards.

Our background investigations of employment histories include reports on identities, social security numbers, address histories, criminal records, employment histories, professional licenses and certifications, motor vehicle reports, credit reports, civil and bankruptcy records, liens and judgment histories, regulatory sanctions, and media coverage. Trustforte’s researchers and human resources professionals obtain and assess employment history dates, information from previous employers, credentials gap analyses, resume inconsistencies, searches of public records, and confirmations of references. The final reports specify our research and investigatory efforts, assess the information on applicants, and offer an analysis of the employment prospects of candidates.