How to apply


To apply for an evaluation of your qualifications, please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Fill out an application form and email it together with copies of your degree(s) and transcripts to [email protected] Please make sure to specify your gender and the order of your names (first, middle, last). If you would like us to consider your work experience as well, please include your detailed resume/CV and reference letters from previous employers. Please send your documentation in PDF format. If you are expecting a specific equivalency, please let us know so we can inform you if we cannot provide that equivalency based on your qualifications.

Step 2:
Please allow 24 hours for a representative to contact you for a credit card payment. You will usually hear from us much sooner than that, but during times of high volume (in February/March) we may need additional time to review your application.

Step 3:
Once you receive an email from our representative (please be sure to check your spam folder as well!), please respond with the filled out payment form, or, if we requested additional information or documentation from you, please provide the same.

Step 4:
Please allow for the full processing time to pass before you follow up on your evaluation, e.g. if you select standard 3-5 business day service, please wait until the end of the 5th business day before calling or sending a follow up email. Following up before the processing time you selected may result in a delay of your evaluation during times of high volume. Keep in mind that processing times start when you submit your payment, and not when you first submit your documentation.

Step 5:
Review your evaluation when it is emailed to you. Our team of reviewers ensures that we have a very low error rate, but typographical errors can occur. If you feel that anything needs to be amended, please respond to the email with your comments and we will address them as soon as possible. If a change is needed because you did not submit all the pertinent documents, or did not provide relevant information, an amendment fee may apply.

A printout of the .pdf file will be sufficient for filing with US CIS. The hard copy of your evaluation will be mailed to you via regular USPS, but it is for your safekeeping only and typically not needed for immigration purposes (except for a TN application). During times of heavy volume (February/March), please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.