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Academic Advisory Service

Trustforte has earned a distinguished reputation in the international educational arena. We counsel US students in the various alternatives offered by specialized foreign educational programs and universities. Our international academic counselors assist students in applying for transfer or standard admission to foreign universities. Additionally,

Academic Equivalency Evaluations

Academic Equivalency Evaluations assess the foreign educational credentials of the candidate. These evaluations determine the level of education and number of years completed, as well as the field of specialization. Academic evaluations consider the educational system of the foreign country, the quality of the university attended by the candidate,

Course-By-Course Evaluations

A Course-by-Course Evaluation is an in-depth analysis of all academic coursework completed by the candidate. The course-by-course evaluation analyzes each course completed by the candidate in the context of the educational system of the foreign country, the reputation of the university, the subject matter of the course, the credit hours completed,

Expert Opinion Letters

Expert Opinion Lettersare comprehensive analyses of the educational and professional achievements of a candidate performed by recognized authorities in the field of specialization. These advisory opinions and peer assessments are used to support cases for extraordinary ability aliens, outstanding researchers, national interest waivers, labor certifications,