Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What kind of evaluation do I need?
When you submit your documents, please make sure to let us know what you will be using the evaluation for, e.g. H-1B, green card application, university admission etc. We can then let you know what type of evaluation would best fit your needs.

2) What kind of documents do I need to submit, and how?
For an education evaluation, please submit a filled out application form and copies of all of your university-level qualifications. That typically means any university-level degree following high school/12th grade, including all transcripts if available. For an education + experience evaluation, in addition to your degrees and transcripts, please submit your detailed resume and reference letters from your employers.
We do not require original documents to be submitted by mail, and email submissions are preferred. One PDF file with all your qualifications is ideal, and please try to keep the file size moderate (anything larger than 10MB may be rejected by our server). Please refrain from using services such as Dropbox – if that is needed you should reduce the size of your documents. You can also fax your documents to 212-481-4971, using the application form as your cover sheet.

3) How do I make a payment?
Once we receive your application, we will review your documents and then contact you for a credit card payment.

4) How and when will I receive my evaluation?
Your evaluation will be emailed to you when it is ready, and the original will also be mailed by regular USPS mail. Be sure to indicate your mailing address when you submit your documents. Please allow for up to three weeks for postal delivery.

5) I haven’t heard back after submitting my application. What shall I do?
Please check your spam folder to make sure our email did not get routed there – we include an attachment so some email servers with strict settings may mistakenly sort our email there. If it has been more than 24 hours for an education evaluation (or more than 48 hours for an education + experience evaluation) since you submitted your request, please resend your email marked “Follow up” so we know that you did not receive our email and can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please also make sure your files are not too large – if the file size is too large, we may not have received your request in the first place.

6) I made a payment but have not yet received my evaluation. What shall I do?
If you submitted the payment and received your receipt, and your selected processing time has passed, please send us an email or call your representative to follow up (have your Trustforte evaluation number handy). Please make sure to wait until the end of the processing time – e.g., if you selected 3-5 business day service, please do not follow up until the end of the 5th business day and, if you selected next-day processing, please allow until 5:30 pm on the next day. You will almost certainly receive your evaluation sooner than that, but during times of high volume (February and March) we may need until the end of the day to send out all requests.

7) I disagree with the evaluation I received. What shall I do?
If you expect a certain outcome for your evaluation, please let us know in advance. That way we can let you know ahead of time if we cannot meet those expectations based on your qualifications. This is especially important if you expect a master’s equivalency – there are many international qualifications that are considered to be master’s-level credentials within their countries, but we may only be able to issue a bachelor’s equivalency to abide by US CIS standards. If you do not let us know your expectation, and we issue an evaluation that is correct by US CIS’ standards, but you were expecting a different outcome, we cannot provide a refund.
If you have any concerns, please respond to the email you received and we will respond as quickly as possible.

8) I have received an RFE from the US CIS. Can you help?
We offer many evaluation services that can be used to respond to an RFE. Send us a copy of your RFE with your documents and we will provide you with options that may be helpful in responding to the RFE. You and your attorney can review our proposed options and choose which service may work best for you. Please bear in mind that while the US CIS issues many RFEs that can be overcome with additional documentation and/or explanations, our ability to assist you ultimately will depend on your qualifications and the documentation provided to our firm.

9) I have not received my hard copy yet.
We typically mail out the hard copy of your evaluation 2-4 business days after you receive the email with the pdf version. Mailing is done via US Postal Service and there is no tracking number. Once the envelope leaves our office, we cannot confirm how long it will take to reach you. During times of heavy volume (typically February/March) it takes several additional days to mail original evaluations. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery during that time.
Should you require your original copy urgently or by a certain date (e.g., if you have upcoming TN visa interview), please let us know and we can give you a quote for FedEx delivery to an address of your choice.
Please note that the original copy is typically not needed for many immigration processes – a printout of the pdf copy of the evaluation is sufficient for filing many types of applications with the US CIS (other than TN visa applications). The original evaluation can be maintained for your safekeeping and to use in making further copies in the future.

10) I forgot to submit a document, or have received additional qualifications since my evaluation was completed. Can you update my evaluation?
Yes, we would be happy to update your evaluation as needed. Do keep in mind that if you provide additional documentation that was not provided for the initial evaluation, an amendment fee will apply. That fee depends on the extent of the additional work required, and we will provide a quote when we receive your request. Do make sure to send us a copy of your original evaluation so we can clearly see that it is a request for an update, not an entirely new request, and apply the lower amendment fee.